Des Moines County Drainage District #7

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Phone: 319-937-6320
Fax 319-937-6321
Address: 5094 150th St. Burlington, Iowa 52601



Steve Mullahy --- Chairman

Curt Frank ------- Vice Chairman

Jeff  Hedges ----- Trustee

Tim Gerling ------ Manager

Steve Stoller ----- Equipment/Pump Operator

Bob Hinson ------ Part time Pump Operator


Employees of the Past

station_320x240.jpg (38536 bytes)      Ezra Enz and Glen Schrader after tornado





RRC.jpg (22016 bytes)  Russell Klenk, Ray Creelman, and Carl Schulz

Gary_1.jpg (47418 bytes) Gary Klenk working on a tile line.


jim.jpg (21826 bytes)                                                                                                       

               Jim Mullahy and Ace Enz talk to an unknown gentleman that looks like a salesman the way he is dressed.


cattrip2.jpg (24499 bytes) Kenneth Klenk, Tim Gerling, Jeff Krug, Curt Frank, and Steve Mullahy tour the Cat plant in Aurora, Ill. in 1999.